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Welcome to the Capital City Mysteries

The year is 3073.
The nation is New Sienna.
The city is, you guessed it, Capital City – “The City in the Center of the World.”

This metropolitan epicenter is renowned across the realm for its sights, industries, and sophistication. However, there is a darker side to this fair city.

The authorities are overwhelmed with all the calls reporting crimes of all kinds. It’s simply far too much for the Capital City Police Department to handle. Many people are realizing that they must do something to change things. And there are a select few who have what it takes to truly make a difference.

In such a huge city, there are many stories we can follow, but there are three that stand out from the rest: Eboni Stone, Curtis Perry, and Max Norton. Each of these detectives are on a mission to uncover the truth and bring the bad guys down.

Join us as we explore their tales, and discover what secrets the streets of Capital City hold.

Eboni Stone

Each and every person has their own tale to tell, many of which are filled with challenges. Some people fold in the face of adversity. Others might crawl into their shell, hoping that everything will get better. Eboni Stone is not one of these people. She’s been through so much in her life, yet she’s never given up.

A former CCPD officer, she left the force years ago after a tragic loss. Brave and dedicated to serving the community, she soon became frustrated with the ways things worked in the system. After turning in her badge, Eboni set her sights on serving the people in a different way. That’s when the Eboni Stone Private Detective Agency opened its doors.

She spends her days and nights searching for clues to solve her clients’ cases. With all her years on the beat, you’d think she’d seen it all. Ha! Not even close. Missing persons, stolen property, corporate espionage — the list goes on and on. That’s not even touching on the craziness with Hawk and her niece and nephew. But is she ready to solve the biggest mystery yet? Only time will tell.

Curtis Perry

The streets are filled with secrets. Curtis knows this to be true. He’s uncovered so many, he just can’t stop now. Everyday he beats the pavement, chasing down the clues to his biggest story yet! Tirelessly he does his best to expose the truth. Unfortunately, he and his editor don’t always see eye to eye.

Curtis is obsessed with fighting against Royal conspiracies, governmental, military, and corporate wrong-doings. However, the publisher of his newspaper could care less. The Capital City Gazette existed to please the advertisers . . . period. Furthermore, they would never publish any stores that could upset anyone too powerful . . . Or dangerous.

Curtis cares nothing about that. He’s on a hunt for two things, the absolute truth, and proof that Adroits are real. Though his paper may not want to publish the hard hitting stories, he’s making them public one way or another. He’s tired of playing games with these fools. Curtis has dedicated himself to exposing the truth to the free world. There are plenty of people who want him to keep quiet. But Curtis has never been one to do as he is told.

Max Norton

While most detectives are doing their sleuthing for clients, or to break some big story, Max has a more personal motivation for his work. His very existence is riddled with riddles. His life has taken more twists and turns than even he can remember. During the day, he is Max Norton, a simple, ordinary man who runs a tow truck company. But by night, he is Crimson Hawk, an anonymous defender for the citizens of Capital City . . . and beyond.

His cases are complicated and lead to bigger bad guys than most folks would want to tangle with. At times it seems like his adopted home is under siege. With crime on the rise, its becoming harder and harder to find exactly what he’s been searching for all of these years.

One of Max’s biggest problems is that he can’t say no if someone needs help. Even if it’s to his own detriment. But while he’s helping save citizens in the streets, he’s also tracking down the past that was erased from his mind almost ten years ago. But that’s one mystery that extends far beyond him. Max knows that this is one case that could impact the entire realm and change the course of history forever. He prays and believes that he is up the the task.

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Written by Mannie_E

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