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Clean Energy Corp Vows to Clean Up Streets

The population of Capital City is growing leaps and bounds. Everyday more and more people move here and call it home. Every day, thousands of children are born increasing our population even more.The truth is, there’s no telling just how big our city will grow. That’s good news to some, but it could spell trouble if the city’s infrastructure cannot handle the rapid growth.

One ongoing concern for the Capital City Council has been the ability to supply adequate power to all citizens. Many may have experienced the recurring black and brown-outs that’s have been plaguing the city over the last few months. No one enjoys power outages. The folks on Capital Island know that something has to be done.

It appears a solution may be on the horizon! A new corporation has emerged in the clean energy race. And it seems like they may be taking the lead, at least in Capital City. SynerTech Energy is a start-up company committed to creating renewable, and sustainable energy, at a fraction of the current costs.

Many experts have scoffed at their claims, calling their proposed technology “Impossible!” However, they may be proving their critics wrong. Initial prototypes and testing all point toward success. What might be even better than the affordable, clean, energy technology, is SynerTech’s commitment to the community.

They are on a mission to help end homelessness in our fair city. The company president, Dr. Catherine Grow, made this statement at a recent press conference:

“It is our goal to help the environment and the community.Through clean energy, and providing jobs and stability to hundreds, even thousands of homeless people across the city, we can truly make a difference. Then, once we have succeeded here, we will take our mission across the world. Our transition and rehabilitation programs are aimed at the poorest of citizens to help them become productive members of society. We help them to use their energy in the optimal way, and become an outlet for their talents that have lied dormant and hidden for so long. We want to illuminate their lives in new and energizing ways!”

Her speech was well received by all. There has certainly been no shortage of volunteers for SynerTech’s new transition program. Of course, it’s no surprise that the Mayor has also given SynerTech his support in all of their endeavors.

Only time will tell if this new company is a bright and shining star, or another busted bulb promising results they cannot deliver.

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Written by Mannie_E

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