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Adroit sightings, Crime, and Civil Unrest are on the rise!

Use your keen senses and detective skills to help solve Capital City's biggest cases!

Join us for epic reads, fun challenges, and win epic prizes!

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Epic Reads!

Comic Books, Short Stories, and Immersive Articles . . . Oh my! We’re delivering epic reads every week. Get your read on!

Detective Challenges!

Join the fun each week with exclusive quizzes, puzzles, and challenges to test your knowledge.

Awesome Prizes!

Each challenge earns points. The more points you earn, the more chances you have to win season prizes!

Don't Miss Out on This Season's Prizes!

Capital City Mysteries

Season 1 Prizes

18x24 Crimson Hawk Poster

($10 Value)

Print Copy of Crimson Hawk Issue #1

($10 Value)

Crimson Hawk Custom Sneakers

($50 Value)

Grand Prize - $75.00

(Virtual Debit Card)

The year is 3073.

The place is Capital City in the

Realm of Nuzar’Eil . . .

Three detectives are fighting to uncover the truth!

"As a comic book enthusiast, I’ve explored various comics, and Adroit Comics stands out as a top choice for comic book lovers with its captivating story lines and dynamic artwork.

Adventure awaits inside and you’ll be sucked in from page one. Does not disappoint!

Christine Kuebler  / Artist / Comic Book Creator

Jamal McCall - ABN News


How It Works

Each season you can join our detectives as they work through their cases!

1. Register to join the Capital City Mystery Club.

2. Set up your member profile page. (Keep it safe! No sharing addresses, phone numbers, or personal information!)

3. Read Adroit Comics feature issues, articles, and short stories to gather clues for each case.

4. Complete weekly challenges — quizzes, puzzles, and creative challenges— to move up in the ranks.

5. Earn points for your completed tasks. Hitting your weekly goals earns virtual prizes and entries to win the Big Season Prize Pack!

6. Top qualified scorers will compete in our end-of-season “Epic Tournament of Detectives” for the season Grand Prize!

Choose Your Membership Package Today!

Membership Levels

Each Capital City Mystery Season season is six (6) weeks long.

All premium membership levels fees provide access to the challenge for 6 weeks.

If you purchase a membership while a season is in progress, your access will roll over to the next season.

However, you must renew your membership to access the next season’s perks.

All packages include taxes, shipping, and handling fees.

Capital City Citizen


  • Members Only Challenges
  • Earn points and badges
  • Digital Prizes & Rewards
  • Qualified Entry for Season Citizen Prizes



  • Citizen Perks and more!
  • Qualified for Detective Tournament Entry
  • Print Comic Book Issue



  • Rookie Perks and more!
  • Qualified for Detective Tournament Entry
  • Print Comic Book Issue
  • 15% Discount on All ADROIT COMICS Purchases

Lead Detective


  • Detective Perks and more!
  • Detectives Only Online Meetings (webinar)
  • New Sienna Citizenship Card (digital)
  • Virtual Capital City Address

Elite Detectives Unit


  • Lead Detective Perks and more!
  • Season Poster - 18x24
  • Season T-Shirt
  • Elite Detective Perks - Exclusive Online EDU Meetings with bonus elite challenges and rewards!

Membership Perks Explained

With so many different member perks, it can be hard to remember them all. Here's a handy chart to help you choose the level that's best for you!

Members Only Challenges

Ace the challenges to show the bosses you’re ready for action!

Earn Points and Badges

As your rank grows, you’ll earn new badges to show off your skills.

Digital Prizes & Rewards

Completing weekly point goals earns your exclusive digital download rewards like backgrounds, printable posters and more.

Qualified Entry for Season Prizes

Each season we’re giving away a selection of special prizes. The more you play, the greater your chances to win!

Detective Tournament Entry

Each season ends with our Epic Tournament of Detectives! The top scoring detectives From each age group will go toe-to-toe in a battle for the title of Capital City’s Top Detective.

Print Issues of Adroit Comics

Print is the best ay to go! With your premium membership you’ll receive one print copy of our most recent issue!

15% Discount on All ADROIT COMICS Purchases

We have many more issues and awesome merch coming your way. You can enjoy a discount on comic books, t-shirts, posters and more.

Detectives Only Online Meetings

As a full blown Detective, you’ll have access to weekly virtual meetings where you can ask questions of the creators and share your theories.

New Sienna Citizenship Card

You can show the world that you are truly a citizen of New Sienna! You’ll receive a virtual customized ID card with your own address.

Capital City Address

You can live it up in Capital City! Choose your Burrough and you’ll get your own unique address! You'll even get a custom map with your address highlighted.

Exclusive Season Poster

You’ll never forget all the awesomeness with your exclusive 18 x 24 season poster! (Elite Detectives Only)


Season T-Shirt

Strut your stuff in a limited edition season T-Shirt showing off art from our comic books! (Elite Detectives Only)


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Mannie and Aziza Eil'Yudah

Comic Book Creators/Artists/Writers/Designers/Educators . . .

and so much more!


Meet Our Hosts

Mannie & Aziza (Zee) Eil’Yudah are a dynamic duo creative team and co-founders of Adroit Comics. Married for almost 15 years, they’ve been writing, drawing, and painting their hearts out every step of the way. A team of two, their giving this thing all they've got!

Their days are filled with homeschooling four beautiful daughters and tackling every adventure that comes along. Life is never dull with the Eil’Yudah clan. From dawn to dusk their lives are filled with faith, family, art, teaching, and laughter.

As educators, they are working to transform the way kids experience reading, and education. To help, the couple founded “Flowing Rivers Learning Center” to help support families in educating their brilliant kiddos.


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