Welcome to Adroit Comics Jr.!

We’re a family company creating fun books and shows to help inspire young minds. Growing up today, kids face different challenges than we did back in the day. Join us as we work to invest in our leaders of tomorrow.

The Super Vowel Adventures!

The Super Vowels are ready to help save the day! 
Welcome to Capital City, “Where the Big Letters Live!” 
Meet your favorite letters as they work, play, and go on new adventures every day. 
Join us for fun stories as kids learn letter sounds and early phonics skills! 
Learn more about our stories and “The Super Vowels Reading Project” for early learners!

Check Out the Quintessence Family in:

Welcome to Honeyville!
Starring The Q’s

Welcome to Honeyville! Join the Quintessence family as they move from the big city to the magical town of Honeyville. They’re leaving behind the ways of the city as The Q’s return to Betty’s hometown. They’re on a mission to make new friends, fix up the town and fill it with love, laughter, and learning. 

Charlie and The ABCs

He’s a Bee named Charlie! She’s a Bee named Dee! Together they have a band called “Charlie and the ABCs.” They are busy bees writing hit tunes and helping friends along the way. Music, friendship, and family, that’s what they’re all about! Stay tuned for a rocking good time!

The Reading Jamboree! with Ms. Zee

The world is stressful enough! Reading doesn’t have to be! Join Ms. Zee as she dives into the fun world of reading. Through stories, games, songs, and dance, kids will enjoy an adventure in learning. As a caring mother and teacher, Ms. Zee pours love and kindness into every story. Join us for a fun time you won’t forget!