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The Fine Art

of Comics

After years of living the artsy-fartsy life so full of pomp and circumstance, we threw all caution to the wind. Now, we’re on a mission to make the most awesome comics the world has ever seen . . .

We Are

Adroit Comics
adroit [ə-droit′]

1. quick and skillful in body or mind, deft
 2. ingenious; ready in invention or execution; possessing readiness of resource
3. a human being possessing special or unique qualities that stand out from the norm

Artistry, storytelling and passion . . . these are the creative elements that matter to us most. Inspired by fantastical realities, we constantly work to create characters that will resonate with our readers. Our stories are filled with fantasy and infused with real life sentiments and experiences.

Vivid Colors
Sometimes life can feel a bit mono-chromatic. We’re inspired by color and hope it will inspire you too. 
Artistically Driven
No AI here! As classically trained artists and writers, we pour our hearts and souls into every page. 
Old School Inspiration 
We grew up reading comic books! Let’s go back to the days when good was good and evil was evil. 
Family Friendly
We wanted to create a series for folks of all ages. Action, adventure, magic and mystery with a sound moral compass. 

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CHAOS IS COMING. . .  All the signs point to this truth. The ancient scrolls foretold that one day, Chaos would rear its ugly head, once again. Crime is on the rise. Social and political tensions are heating up. Overall, the atmosphere of the realm is becoming increasingly toxic with negative energy. It’s just as the ancients foretold.

Crimson Hawk is a man on a mission to help save the world. But he has a few more items on his agenda. First, find the truth about his identity. Second, discover what caused his mysterious memory loss. Three, uncover the dubious plans of Capital City’s newest threat, The Militia … as if he didn’t have enough on his plate.

In his quest to find the truth, Hawk finds himself in one of his toughest battles yet. The Jade Scorpion is obviously deadly. Somehow she’s matching his moves blow for blow. This has never happened before! Who is this woman, and what does she want? Will she prove to be Crimson Hawk’s most formidable foe yet?

Everyone Needs an Epic Read!

You can always read our stories for free via digital download. We know everyone needs a good read, whether they can afford it or not. Join our list and never miss out our latest issues, short stories and more!

Welcome to New Sienna...

We consider our universe to be an escape from the pressures of this world. It’s a place where we can let our hair down and simply let the story flow. When you read our books we hope that you feel the same way. So go ahead, cheer for the good guys! Boo the bad guys! And never let go of that inner child who simply wants to read a great story! 
Crimson Hawk #1: The Sting of the Jade Scorpion

Crimson Hawk’s path is filled with action, adventure and new discoveries. Equal parts detective, soldier and all-around good guy, he never shirks from his duty.

Adroit Comics #1: The Fine Art of Comics

Breaking news in Capital City! A dark cloud is hovering over the city, threatening life as we know it. Every day, murmurs of super powered beings are growing. But officials deny the truth!

Meet Our Team: Can't Stop! Won't Stop!

Teamwork, there’s nothing like it. But it’s even more exciting when your teammate is also your best friend forever. Meet our creative dynamic duo, Mannie & Zee Eil’Yudah. 
Akili Mansa Eil'Yudah
Akili Mansa Eil'Yudah

Mannie & Zee

Mannie & Zee Eil’Yudah are a dynamic duo creative team and co-founders of Adroit Comics. Married for almost 15 years, they’ve been writing, drawing, and painting their hearts out every step of the way.

Hello, I'm Zee
Aziza Eil'Yudah
Long ago, we knew that our destiny would be filled with artistry... 
We create our stories with passion and purpose inspiring hearts and minds along the way. 
Growing up, you couldn’t keep Mannie out of the comic shops, and you couldn’t keep Zee out of the library. A classically trained artist, in time, Mannie grew weary of the fine arts world with all its pomp and circumstance. A formally trained performer, Zee yearned to delve deeper into her creative passions. They had both dedicated their lives to artistic pursuits, but wanted to help make the world a better place. 

One day, a new idea sprang forth. Zee suggested that Mannie tell his stories in a new way and follow his lifelong love for comic books. Soon after, Adroit Comics was born. Now, they work and “art” together creating stories for readers of all ages. Their mission is to create the most epic comic book series the world has ever seen. 

Their days are filled with homeschooling four beautiful daughters and tackling every adventure that comes along. Life is never dull with the Eil’Yudah clan. From dawn to dusk their lives are filled with equal parts faith, family, fun and art. 

Free Downloads

You can always read our stories for free via digital download. We know all kids

Art With Purpose

We’re working to change the world one kid at a time. Proceeds from our sales hel

A Whole New Realm

We’ve created the Realm of Nuzar’Eil. Though it has many similarities to Earth,

Live. Love. Create!

Long ago, we knew that our art was our destiny. We create our stories with passi

Our Epic Blog of Awesomeness . . .
So much of our time is spent working, creating, and raising our family, that sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the awesomeness we have going on! This blog serves as a portal to our world. Read, comment & share!

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We are a fairly small, flexible design studio that designs for print and web.