Crimson Hawk Issue #1: The Sting of the Jade Scorpion


The ultimate man of mystery, even to himself, Max Norton is a man without a history — at least not one he remembers. Stricken with amnesia almost ten years ago, Max has been on a mission to discover who he is, and what really happened to him. You could call it an obsession, really. Faced with the same obstacles, there are many people who would have given up. With no ties to the past, it’s awfully hard to make plans for the future. This simple fact has forced Max to live in the moment, and make the most of every second. He knows that whoever or whatever wiped out his memory certainly could have killed him. For his life, he’s thankful and counts his blessings everyday. Though he is plagued with problems of his own, Max has not wallowed in pity, focused solely on his own needs. He has dedicated his life to helping others. Something deep, down inside, just won’t let him stop fighting for the innocent, even if it’s to his own detriment. Sometimes he thinks it must be ingrained in his soul. When he woke up in the jungles of Keyoshi, all those years ago, he had no idea where he was, or who he was. In many ways, he’d even forgotten what he was. Had he been a good man? Had he done the right things in life? What could have led him to the moment when he seemingly lost everything? These were questions that he’d cried out to the heavens many times over the years. But what he didn’t realize is every one of his questions would one day be answered. His uniform identified him as a soldier from New Sienna. Now, years later, he’s fighting to believe that he was good soldier, and praying that he had never hurt an innocent person. As he fights to be a champion for the people, he lives with a phantom of guilt, from a life he cannot remember. Max’s amnesia was hard hitting, and had proven to be long lasting. Over the last decade, and only glimmers of the past have come through. As his eyes opened to the sound of his rescuers, he felt instantly alone and utterly confused. Though Max was far from a child, he felt like a newborn baby, but without the tender familiar coo of a mother’s voice. But, thankfully, he was not alone. The blessing of being found by such compassionate and brilliant minds, could have only come from The Creator himself. The first voice he heard, was that of Likka, soothing and calm. The second belonged to Pops, her husband. And his voice was far from soothing. It was this couple who took him in, nursed him back to health, and taught him the truth about this world. Ever since then, he’s been a champion on a mission to right many wrongs and discover his true identity. Little did he know, at the beginning of this journey, that he was destined to help save the world from chaos and destruction.


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