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Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Akili Mansa Eil’Yudah. Some people call me Kil, some call me Bill, and some call me Mannie. The father has blessed me with four beautiful daughters and the best wife any man could ask for. I have always been very private and, at times, a bit shy. But felt it was necessary to introduce myself and tell everyone about our first release, “The Crimson Hawk.”

A little about myself. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I group up loving comic books. The first time I remember knowing that I loved to draw was when I was around 4, and I drew a picture of Batman. I guess that began my Journey with art and comics. I was always drawing as a kid. If you wanted to sit down and be quiet, all you had to do was give me some paper and a pencil, and would sit a draw for hours. Art became my happy place, a place to escape and not feel afraid or weird or any of the negative things a mind can tell itself. At times it was like my best friend.

Although I had fallen in love with characters like Batman, Superman, Spider-man, etc., most of my knowledge of them came from cartoons. Well, that all changed in second grade when my childhood friend Nigel moved into town. He was from Kingston, Jamaica. One day my brother and I were playing on our front porch, and Nigel came over with a hand full books. To ask my brother if we wanted them. I fell in love with them! The stories, the art, they were Spectacular!!!

A love affair had begun, And now, about 40 years later, I have started my own Journey. Crimson Hawk is a character that is dear to my heart. He is a good, passionate, flawed, but driven man obsessed with the truth. He has lost his memory but feels like he has always been a decent person. Faint memories of his past have been haunting him for years, but now he may have stumbled on to some clubs that will change everything!