Adroit, Adroit Comics, New Sienna

What is an Adroit?

The Adroit Comics Universe exists in a realm far, far away from Earth. It was once common knowledge that people with special powers lived in our world. There are countless myths and legends about adroit humans with abilities far beyond the understanding of most. Though modern times have found the knowledge of Adroits suppressed, we know the truth. This world is far more advanced and complex than the powers that be would have, you believe.

How could they have you believe that you could possibly possess the power to fly or run faster than the speed of sound? How could they ever control the minds of humanity if we only grasped the strength and untapped power that had been granted to us by The Creator of All?
If the unique, unknowing Adroits could all realize their true powers . . . who could stop them? Certainly not the forces of Darkness.

It is in the realm of Nuzar’Eil that our stories take place. This world is full of rich and poor, strong and weak, good and evil. Just as on Earth, there are powers of Darkness working against The Eternal Light. This is the Light that shines through all of Creation. It is a fight that has lasted the ages. However, Light always has and always will banish Darkness.

The evildoers of our world are motivated by many factors: greed, power, revenge, and abandonment issues, to name a few. Some even deal with their own twisted versions of reality, in which they are the supreme power. Fueled by Chaos, these beings have dedicated their lives to get what they want . . . at any cost.

Our champions are seemingly simple people who have come to live complicated lives. Their powers manifest in different ways and at other times. But each and every warrior has their own extraordinary story to tell. No matter who they are or where they hail from, they are fighting to help save the world from the clutches of Darkness.

Welcome to the Adroit Comics Universe! Our realms are built on ancient foundations, mingled with futuristic politics, technology, and innovation. We’re working to create a world where you can feel free to cheer for the good guys and boo the bad guys. We want this to be where you can be inspired to discover your Adroit powers.

May the powers of Light guide your path and protect you from the forces of Darkness. We pray that the words and images within our pages can be a beacon of hope. And also a reminder that when all is said and done, good triumphs over evil.