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Hello Everyone!

My name is Akili Mansa Eil’Yudah. Some people call me Kil, some call me Bill, and some call me Mannie. The father has blessed me with four beautiful daughters and the best wife any man could ask for. I have always been very private and, at times, a bit shy. But felt it was necessary to introduce myself and tell everyone about our first release, “The Crimson Hawk.”

A little about myself. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I group up loving comic books. The first time I remember knowing that I loved to draw was when I was around 4, and I drew a picture of Batman. I guess that began my Journey with art and comics. I was always drawing as a kid. If you wanted to sit down and be quiet, all you had to do was give me some paper and a pencil, and would sit a draw for hours. Art became my happy place, a place to escape and not feel afraid or weird or any of the negative things a mind can tell itself. At times it was like my best friend.

Although I had fallen in love with characters like Batman, Superman, Spider-man, etc., most of my knowledge of them came from cartoons. Well, that all changed in second grade when my childhood friend Nigel moved into town. He was from Kingston, Jamaica. One day my brother and I were playing on our front porch, and Nigel came over with a hand full books. To ask my brother if we wanted them. I fell in love with them! The stories, the art, they were Spectacular!!!

A love affair had begun, And now, about 40 years later, I have started my own Journey. Crimson Hawk is a character that is dear to my heart. He is a good, passionate, flawed, but driven man obsessed with the truth. He has lost his memory but feels like he has always been a decent person. Faint memories of his past have been haunting him for years, but now he may have stumbled on to some clubs that will change everything!

Adroit Comics, Capital City, New Sienna

The year is 3073 in a land not so different from our own. The world of Nu’ZarEil is on the brink of another Great War. For decades The World Alliance has seemingly been on one accord to promote peace and cooperative work amongst its members. However, as is often the case, some parties would benefit themselves rather than the greater good of all. To people like this, personal gain is the greatest good.

The Great War of 3033 changed the political boundaries of the entire plane, with the most powerful nations claiming territories worldwide. When this happened, many of the now-conquered territories prayed and planned for the day when they would fight for their independence. For many of these people, that day has arrived.
The Royals of New Sienna have territories worldwide, on top of the districts they have claimed as their own over the centuries. Many New Sienna citizens, and the world, for that matter, question the Royal families’ entitlement to their rule. The Royals’ position of rulership has always been a source of contention, especially with the ancestors of the original ruling family. They would say that these so-called royals have no authority whatsoever.
The Federation of The Royal Indigenous Clan was founded by Monroe Salamalan to establish the rightful rulership of the tribe of Salamalan. The FRIC’s position is that the modern royal families usurped the throne from his family’s ancestors in an illegal and highly unethical fashion. Their goal is to see the Salamalan family reinstated as the true rulers of New Sienna.
Most citizens of New Sienna are unmoved by FRIC’s fight. Everyone is worried about the possibility of a second Great War. The casualties from The Great War were tremendous, and it’s not as though that was the last war on record to take the lives of soldiers and civilians alike. However, the youth of New Sienna is adamantly against this war, and they are protesting across the nation.
The Youth Party of New Sienna has rallied together, taking up the banner to speak for the young citizens who seemingly have no voice. They have made their position clear, “No Draft! No War! No more innocent lives lost.” “How can the lives of this great nation’s youth be pledged to give their lives in a war launched by the elders? Is this fair? Is this right?”
The rumbles of war are shaking up the world. The Nation of New Sienna is brewing with unrest, and its Capital City is no exception. The metropolis of Capital City is bright, shiny, big, and exciting. Everything anyone could ever look for in a city. Including all of the ills that ail huge populations crammed into small areas of land. With a population of over 8.3 Million, trouble is definitely on the rise.
What was once a simple settlement of Indigenous farmers and fishermen has now become one of the largest cities in the world. And it certainly has not been spared from all the troubles that come with such a distinction.
Criminals are thriving. Crooked politicians are manipulating the masses. The dissension of the citizens is growing and growing with each new day. The good people of the city have been working and praying to see a change in their hometown. Little do they know, their prayers have been heard by The Heavens above.
As of late, another phenomenon is appearing in Capital City: super-powered humans, also known as Adroits. For centuries there have been legends of people with special powers granted by Divinity to protect the world from darkness. However, most modern society has brushed those stories off as nothing but fantasy or fairy tales. But soon and very soon, all truth will be revealed. . .

Adroit, Adroit Comics, New Sienna
The Adroit Comics Universe exists in a realm far, far away from Earth. It was once common knowledge that people with special powers lived in our world. There are countless myths and legends about adroit humans with abilities far beyond the understanding of most. Though modern times have found the knowledge of Adroits suppressed, we know the truth. This world is far more advanced and complex than the powers that be would have, you believe.

How could they have you believe that you could possibly possess the power to fly or run faster than the speed of sound? How could they ever control the minds of humanity if we only grasped the strength and untapped power that had been granted to us by The Creator of All?
If the unique, unknowing Adroits could all realize their true powers . . . who could stop them? Certainly not the forces of Darkness.

It is in the realm of Nuzar’Eil that our stories take place. This world is full of rich and poor, strong and weak, good and evil. Just as on Earth, there are powers of Darkness working against The Eternal Light. This is the Light that shines through all of Creation. It is a fight that has lasted the ages. However, Light always has and always will banish Darkness.

The evildoers of our world are motivated by many factors: greed, power, revenge, and abandonment issues, to name a few. Some even deal with their own twisted versions of reality, in which they are the supreme power. Fueled by Chaos, these beings have dedicated their lives to get what they want . . . at any cost.

Our champions are seemingly simple people who have come to live complicated lives. Their powers manifest in different ways and at other times. But each and every warrior has their own extraordinary story to tell. No matter who they are or where they hail from, they are fighting to help save the world from the clutches of Darkness.

Welcome to the Adroit Comics Universe! Our realms are built on ancient foundations, mingled with futuristic politics, technology, and innovation. We’re working to create a world where you can feel free to cheer for the good guys and boo the bad guys. We want this to be where you can be inspired to discover your Adroit powers.

May the powers of Light guide your path and protect you from the forces of Darkness. We pray that the words and images within our pages can be a beacon of hope. And also a reminder that when all is said and done, good triumphs over evil.