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Hello World!

Things have been super exciting at Adroit Comics Headquarters. We’ve been working furiously to create stories to keep you sitting at the edge of your seats! By now you’ve met Crimson Hawk. The last we saw of him, things were pretty heated! We can’t wait to share “Crimson Hawk Issue #2: Attack of the Zakarians,” so you can can see how he makes it out of this precarious predicament!

In this issue, we’re exploring New Arkton – Capital City’s swankiest burrough. The writers of the “New Arkton Digest” are sharing their interviews, reviews and commentary on the most interesting people and venues in the area. There’s always something happening in New Arkton. It’s a place where all the coolest people want to be. From the theaters, to the night clubs, and restaurants, there is never a shortage of excitement.

However, on this trip we’re exploring the seedier side of the city. As you make your way through this side of town, be careful who you trust. The streets are fifilled with shiny cars speeding their way towards bad intentions. But as long as you keep your eyes open, you’ll be able to see through their flflashy facades.

In ACU Issue #1, our pages were dedicated to sharing the epic tales of our Adroit Defenders. But what’s a comic book with absolutely antagonizing bad guys? In these pages, you’ll meet some of Capital City’s most notorious crime bosses and get a glimpse into their world. But have no fear! Crimson Hawk makes an appearance with a preview from Crimson Hawk Issue #3. And you’ll also get to meet a few of his future super powered allies.

Now friends, please remember that just like our Adroit Champions, you too were created for something epic! You also have a gift to share with world. No matter how dark and dim things might seem you’ve got to keep shining every day and do your part to help save the realm!

Be Epic! Mannie & Zee

Adroit Comics Universe #1: Welcome to Capital City

Breaking news in Capital City! The peaceful society that we once knew now faces a sinister threat. New Sienna has always been the epicenter of all things business, entertainment, politics and education. Now, crime also makes the list.

A dark cloud is hovering over the city, threatening life as we know it. What will the good citizens of Capital City do? Many have prayed for help. Now it seems those prayers are being answered. Every day, murmurs of super powered beings are growing. 

Though some are wreaking havoc, others are saving lives. Official reports deny the existence of such beings. But what do you think? Are super powered Adroits truth or fiction? Soon and very soon, all truths will be revealed. 

We hope you enjoyed Adroit Comics Universe Issue #1!

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The Crimson Hawk: The Sting of the Jade Scorpion


All the signs point to this truth. The ancient scrolls foretold that one day, Chaos would rear its ugly head, once again. Crime is on the rise. Social and political tensions are heating up. Overall, the atmosphere of the realm is becoming increasingly toxic with negative energy. It’s just as the ancients foretold.

Crimson Hawk is a man on a mission to help save the world. But he has a few more items on his agenda. First, find the truth about his identity. Second, discover what caused his mysterious memory loss. Three, uncover the dubious plans of Capital City’s newest threat, The Militia … as if he didn’t have enough on his plate.

In his quest to find the truth, Hawk finds himself in one of his toughest battles yet. The Jade Scorpion is obviously deadly. Somehow she’s matching his moves blow for blow. This has never happened before! Who is this woman, and what does she want? Will she prove to be Crimson Hawk’s most formidable foe yet?