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Theft Ring Exposed at United Paper Company

There are many people surprised at the latest news involving the United Paper Company. No one suspected that such a longstanding and respectable organization could stoop this low. Authorities were surprised to discover that the new management of the main office was secretly using the company’s resources, facilities, and trucks to move stolen goods.

Apparently the police were alerted by someone working within the company that the criminal conspiracy was taking place. The chief had this to say, “We’ve been following this operation for some time now. We’ve been gathering intelligence and evidence to put the wrongdoers away for a long time. We’re confident about that.”

Official reports indicate that millions of dollars worth of stolen and illegal goods were shipped and delivered under the guise of paper and stationary.

When asked about their suspects in the case, Chief Robinson answered, “Our prime suspect is the general manager of United Paper Company’s home office in Collinsville, Mr. Michael King. All reports and evidence point to him as the leader of this operation. Any citizen who has information to help lead us to Mr. King will receive a substantial reward. You can call any precinct with your tips.”

He went on to say that Mr. King had gone missing, along with several of his reported business associates. Though he has not been declared guilty without an official trial, his fleeing the city is not helping his case.

According to reports, it seems that many employees of the company are trying to protect Mr. King, and deny that he was the ring leader. But that’s not what the evidence suggests.

We will continue reporting on this case as soon as we have more information.

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Written by Aziza Eil'Yudah

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