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General Blackheart

A not-so-quiet murmur of panic is taking over Capital City. Citizens and city officials alike are asking: “Who is The Militia?” A mysterious rebellion group has emerged in Capital City. From New Arkton to Las Gracias, this gang of ruffians seems to be on a mission to take over the underworld.

Their notorious tag has now become synonymous with their mission of disruption. Every time they finish a job, they vandalize the establishment with their moniker emblazoned on the wall in spray paint. For the most part, it’s seemed as though their only targets were enterprises of ill-repute like gambling houses, racetracks, and counterfeit rings.

The Militia has even gained fans from rabble-rousers who feel they could be trying to clean up the streets. Some believe the information filling The Militia’s propaganda pamphlets circulating around the city. Filled with sensational calls to rebellion and touting allegations of corruption and deception, these pamphlets have local and national officials in an uproar.

Some don’t know which side The Militia is fighting for. Are they fighting the bad, to help the good? Are they only concerned with their own gains? Is this a campaign to bring down the Royals, or merely a ploy to gain control of New Sienna?

The latest string of attacks from The Militia has been different from their previous targets. Every other week for the past few months, various branches of The Vonderdom Bank have been hit by this group of vandals. With locations across the region, this has proven to be a major loss for The Vonderdom family. Most specifically, Donovan Vonderdom. The Director and CEO of the bank.

Not much is known about The Militia, or their mysterious leader, General Blackheart. Some say that he is an ancient being who has traversed the world, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. Whispers can be heard in the underworld of Capital City about General Blackheart. He’s a highly feared man. Many believe that he has no feelings, no heart to speak of. It’s been said that somehow it was stolen from him, and now he’s doing whatever he can to get it back.

No one knows for certain who he is, or where he’s come from. But all who have met General Blackheart fear him. Except for one man . . . Crimson Hawk.

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Written by Mannie_E

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